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Silicone Sealant, Silicone Adhesive, Silicone Glue

    1. Neutral Silicone Sealant, Silicone Adhesive, Silicone Glue
    2. Neutral Silicone Sealant, Silicone Adhesive, Silicone Glue Our silicone structural sealant is used for structural assembly of glass, metal, stone workpieces, and aluminum composite panel curtain walls. It is widely used in industrial and construction industries.
      Our neutral silicone sealant is not designed for use underwater or in continuously moist places.
    1. Acidic Silicone Sealant, Silicone Adhesive, Silicone Glue
    2. Acidic Silicone Sealant, Silicone Adhesive, Silicone Glue It features strong adhesion, superior weather resistance, and good resistance to aging, water, and extreme high and low temperatures. Our acidic silicone structural sealant is regularly used for structural assembly of point-fixed glass curtain walls, glass aquariums, and large-scale glass skylights, as well as many other large glass items.

Silicone sealant, also called silicone adhesive, or silicone glue, can be used in variety of applications as a result of its flexibility. Commonly used silicon adhesives include Bostik silicone sealant and Loctite silicone sealant, etc.

Silicone adhesive or silicone glue features good heat resistance, which enables itself to be used in high temperature environments, such as on engine gaskets.
Additionally, silicone glues come in variety of forms. Two-component silicone adhesives and one- component silicone adhesives are two primary forms. Two-component silicone sealant requires users to mix two compounds together immediately before using it. One-component or one-part silicone sealant requires no mixing. RTV silicone sealant is one type of one-part silicone glue. RTV stands for room temperature vulcanizing. RTV silicone sealant begins to cure as soon as it is exposed to the moisture in the air. Hence, RTV sealant needs to be used up in a short period of time.

Other types of silicone glues are also available in building material market, like pressure sensitive silicone sealants, UV cured silicone sealants, etc. Pressure sensitive silicone adhesive is always sticky only if there is pressure against it. UV cured silicone sealant is also known as radiation cured silicone adhesive. As its name suggests, this silicone glue uses ultraviolet light to cure. Thermoset silicone glue starts to cure when it is exposed to heat.

As a professional silicon sealant manufacturer based in China, we can produce different types of silicone adhesives, including neutral silicone sealants and acidic silicone glues. The following text will describe for you some advantages of our neutral silicone glues.
Our neutral silicone adhesives features non-corrosiveness, good adaptability to different weather conditions, good resistance to UV, water, and ozone, etc. This silicone glue is suitable for majority of construction materials. Once cured, our neutral silicone sealant keep well-shaped under temperatures ranging from -50℃ to 100℃. Due to aforementioned advantages, our neutral silicone sealant is extensively used in structural assembly of glass, metal, stone workpieces, and curtain walls.

Technical information of silicone sealants
Property Neutral silicone adhesive Acidic silicone glue
Color Colored Transparent
Model K-998 K-798 K-793 K-723 T-998 T-768 T-738 A-368 A-358 A-338 A-328
Shelf life (months) 12 10 8 8 12 8 8 12 10 8 8
Packaging Rigid packaging, soft packaging Rigid packaging, soft packaging Rigid packaging, soft packaging Rigid packaging, soft packaging Rigid packaging Rigid packaging Rigid packaging Rigid packaging Rigid packaging Rigid packaging Rigid packaging

In addition to silicone adhesives or silicone glues, we can also produce many other types building materials, like aluminum composite panels, all purpose adhesives, and etc. All of them are provided with reliable quality and at competitive prices.
Complete after services, like quality warranty and technical consultation services, are also available at Jixiang Building Materials Corp., a silicone adhesive manufacturer and supplier in China.
If you are interested in our silicone glues, or any other construction materials, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to serve you.

Company Brief: Jixiang Building Materials Corp. is a specialized decorative construction material manufacturer in China. Located in Songjiang district, Shanghai, China, our headquarters occupy an area of over 53,000m2 and have a total building area of 90,000 m2. We primarily manufacture PE aluminum composite panel, PVDF aluminum composite panel, aluminum foil, and construction adhesives, like all purpose adhesive, silicone glue, and more. Our high quality products have made us one of the members of the China Building Materials Federation. Over the years, we have developed into a large shareholding enterprise with following subsidiaries: Zhengzhou Climb Decoration Materials Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Better Adhesives Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Liantai Instruments Co., Ltd., Yueqing Zhongtian Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., Yueqing Zhongtian Instruments Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jiuzhi Paint Co., Ltd.

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